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Edgar Doleman

Child of a career soldier, Edgar Doleman grew up in two countries and eight states. On graduating from college, he followed his father and pursued a career in the Army, serving in Berlin, Korea, Vietnam and various posts in the U.S. After retiring from a second career in information technology, his wife Donna encouraged him to write and he began work on his first novel, “Arlen’s Gun – A Novel of War in Vietnam – a Journey from Alienation to Brotherhood.” Donna conceived the idea for “The Chimera,” a mystery set in Virginia’s rural Northern Neck where they had retired. They worked on it together until the project was gradually put on hold as she fought a losing battle with cancer.

As their love had sparked the story, it sparked the need to finish “The Chimera,” now the first of a series.

Published Books


A Novel of War in Vietnam – a Journey from Alienation to Brotherhood

Arlen Washington is an alienated young crewman on an Air Force AC-47 gunship in the Vietnam war. One night at the height of the monsoon season, the gunship is hit by enemy fire and crash lands in no-man’s land. Rescued by a Army engineer unit diverted from a road-clearing mission, Arlen salvages the gunship’s powerful six-barrel machine guns. Stranded with his rescuers who return to their mission which runs head-on into enemy preparations for a major offensive, involving them – and Arlen – in desperate battles.


A George and Grace O’Bannion Mystery

Introducing a pair of unofficial detectives, Grace and George O’Bannion, she a retired Army Intelligence officer, he a retired history professor, both now living in the very rural eastern part of Virginia’s Northern Neck.
Caroline Carter, widow of a successful businessman whose ancestors were prominent in the Norther Neck for generations, is found dead by her cleaning lady, who is later arrested for murder. She also cleaned for Grace and George who cannot believe her capable of such a crime and get involved.

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A George and Grace O’Bannion Mystery

“The Chimera,” introduces a pair of very unofficial detectives, Grace and George O’Bannion. Grace is a retired Army Intelligence officer, and her husband George is a retired University of Richmond history professor.  The story is set in eastern part of Virginia’s Northern Neck where the O’Bannions retired. The Northern Neck is a slender, fifty-mile-long triangle bordered on the North by the Potomac River, the South by the Rappahannock River, and the East by the Chesapeake Bay. Its Western end is barely five miles wide, facing the suburbs of the city of Fredericksburg.

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